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(Energy Storage and Recovery Ontario - Ontario Research Fund-Research Excellence)


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The Queen's-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre (FCRC) is Canada's leading university-based research and development organization in partnership with industry dedicated to advancing the knowledge base for addressing the key technology challenges to the commercialisation of fuel cell applications.


The Honorable John Gerretsen on behalf of the Ministry of Research and Innovation announced $1,503,600 in funding from the Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence program for the Energy Storage and Recovery Ontario (ESARO) project, which will develop technologies to help in managing the variability of solar and wind power generation. 

The project team is led by Dr. Brant Peppley, Queen's University and includes researchers from Queen's University (Dr. Dominik Barz, Dr. Pascale Champagne, Dr. Boyd Davis, Dr. Philip Jessop, Dr. Kunal Karan, Dr. Warren Mabee, Dr. Jon Pharoah), Royal Military College of Canada (Dr. Cecile Malardier-Jugroot, Dr. Chris Thurgood), the University of Waterloo (Dr. Michael Fowler), and the University of Western Ontario (Dr. Andy Sun).

“Our project will allow society to use renewable energy more effectively and will create an opportunity for Ontario to manufacture energy systems that complement renewable energy. These energy systems could then be exported to many countries in the world, increasing the global use of intermittent wind and solar energy,” says Dr. Peppley, Director of the Queen’s-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre and the Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cells.

Hon. John Gerretsen

The Hon. John Gerretson, MPP Kingston and the Islands

Dr. Liss

Dr. Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research) Queen's University

Dr. Peppley Speaking

Dr. Brant Peppley, Director, Queen's-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre and ESARO Project Leader

Hon Gerretson and Dr. Peppley

Hon. John Gerretsen and Dr. Brant Peppley





30 Sept 2014 FCRC welcomed Professor Zhongqian Mao and his Post Doctor, Mr. Sijia Hao from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. They were here to tour the FCRC research centre and discuss potential future collaborations with Queen's University


25 Sept 2014 Congratulations to Trevor Wartman who successfully defended his thesis on 'Performance Investigation of a Pilot-Scale Integrated Anaerobic Digestion Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell System Calibrated to Experimental Stack Data'


2 April 2014 Jon Pharoah, Director of Queen's-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre was recently featured on TEDxQueensU. The title of his talk was "The Power of Zero"


1 April 2014 FCRC welcomes Mathias Scholz a visiting graduate student from TU Dresden, Germany.

He joins us to work on a mandatory research project. His research is concerned with the computation of flows around obstacles in microfluidic channels.

27 March 2014 Wolfgang Reitinger a visiting graduate student from TU Muenchen, returns back to Munich, Germany

While Wolfgang was here he worked on the interaction of zwitterionic surfactants on polymeric microfluidic substrates

Feb 2014 Dr. Antonio Bertei PhD

Congratulations to Antonio Bertei on defending his thesis

"Mathematical Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" Antonio Bertei was a visiting scholar at FCRC in 2013.

1 Oct 2013 Sangeeta Shakrawar successfully defended her thesis on "Numerical Prediction of Effective Elastic Properties and Effective Thermal Expansion Coefficient for Porous YSZ Microstructures in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells"

1 Oct 2013 Duncan Gawel successfully defended his thesis on "The Development of a Coupled Physics and Kinetics Model to Computationally Predict the Powder to Power Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Microstructures"

30 Sept 2013 Robert Nishida successfully defended his thesis on "Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stacks"

2 Sept 2013 Dr. Devproshad Paul, PhD

Congratulations to Devproshad on defending his thesis "Structure and Properties of Sub-Micron Thin Nation Films"

Andrew Herring of Colorado School of Mines provided some challenging questions that Proshad responded to with aplomb.

1 July 2013 Dr. Jon Pharoah is the new Director of FCRC

Jon Pharoah has been officially appointed Director of FCRC. Jon was a founding member of FCRC and has been Associate Director and a member of the Advisory Council. We all look forward to the new vision for FCRC that Jon will bring as our new leader. The outgoing director, Brant Peppley, will be on sabbatical for the coming year.


18 June 2013 Dr. Brant Peppley and FCRC receive Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Academic Award of Excellence

Dr. Peppley and the Fuel Cell Research Centre were recognized for the contributions made in the area of catalysis and fuel cell electrode research. Participation by FCRC researchers in all three NSERC national strategic networks: SOFC Canada, H2Can and CaRPE FC was also cited.


6 May 2013 Barbra Brousseau Moves to a new position as Department Manager for Global Development Studies

The Fuel Cell Research Centre will greatly miss having Barbra taking care of the operations and the day to day life of the research centre. She has done an exceptionally excellent job of looking after everyone's employment needs and made sure that people got paid, had airplanes to get on and desks to sit in. Barbra has been an integral part of FCRC since its founding and looked after the logistics of doing research from even earlier during the era of CAMM (Centre of Automotive Materials and Manufacturing). We all wish her well in her new position in Global Development Studies.




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